How to unblock Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr... in China?

Note: this area will be updating with the changes of the GFW, because GFW will continuously collect unblocking-GFW-methods and continuously block them.

Let's go to the point:

1, Latern
go to to download this nice utility, it is easy to use, and you will find its power.)

2, shadowsocks
shadowsocks is a secure socks5 proxy, designed to protect your Internet traffic. go to to download shadowsocks.
Where to get free shadowsocks account?---This page provides free shadowsocks account.

At, you can have 10 minutes trial every 24-hour, with its help, you can access google, which is enough time for you to check your Gmail inbox and send a message to your friends.

4, Chrome web browser+extensions-the so called free is not true!!!

5, spend some dollars on unblocking GFW
because free is the most expensive.
such as 曲径

located in the east Asia of the world, with splendid history of more than 4,000 years.
Its culture is both traditional and modern,its society is both open and closed.
The government is very rich but most Chinese are working very hard to maintain their families' basic lives...

So are you planning to spend some days traveling in China?
Before booking your air ticket to Beijing, you'd better to know that you probably can not login your Google Gmail, Facebook and twitter account!
As your FIRST trip to China, I know that, you must be astonished, but please accept it is the fact that you really can not use google search, gmail, facebook or twitter in China, unbelievable to accept but it is true, so you want to ask why?

Before going to the "How-to" part, you may be interested to know why you can not access Facebook, twitter, Gmail... in China?

Well, I am going to tell you something about this story:
The direct reason which stops you from using google search is a project called "GFW(great fire wall)", which is famous as the great wall to many Chinese Internet geeks, but the only same thing behind the GFW and the great wall is that both of them are very big projects. Qin Shi Huang(the first emperor of China) spent countless people's lives in building the Great wall, the China Government spent numerous manpower,material and financial resources on the project of GFW.
In the past time, the great wall stop many hunter-gatherers such as the Huns to rob Chinese agricultural civilization, but the robbers such as the Mongols and Manchurian still ruled China for hundreds of years,I must say these abhorrent robbers are brutal, they killed too many Chinese, destroyed much precious Chinese culture wealth...

The GFW project is rather successful, because it does stop so many Chinese from using many excellent Internet services such as google search, twitter, facebook, yahoo, tumblr, wordpress and flickr....
However, still there are many excellent and educated Chinese across this great fire wall by using technology methods such as VPN(Virtual Private Network), they call Chinese Internet is just a large local area network. In a word, the GFW does stop many people from the free Internet, but it can not stop everyone, Internet freedom in China is something shamful, stupefying education will not last long!!!
If you want to know more about GFW, go to this wikipedia page.

How to access gmail, twitter, facebook... in China???
Ok, Chinese government chooses to block Google, twitter and Facebook, which pushes some people to do something to across this so-called "Great Fire Wall".
I am going to show you some nice ways to unblock Chinese GFW, without spending money. Of course, you can choose some paid VPN services to use Gmail, Flickr or Twitter... in china.

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