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How to setup a NameCheap custom sub-domain name for my other blogspot site?

hello, my site is hosted on google, and I add my namecheap top domain for my site, here is how to add namecheap custom top domain for blogspot.
hmmm, if you want to set up one custom domain for more than one blogspot site, then you should firstly create some sub-domain names.

How to setup a NameCheap custom sub-domain name for my blogspot site?
actually, it is something simple.
1, create sub-domain for your namecheap domain: 
It is possible to create and manage sub-domains on our default DNS servers in the following way:
- sign into;
- click on the 'Domain List' on the left;
- click on 'Manage' for the domain you need;
- select ‘Advanced DNS';
- choose 'Add records' and select the record type you need from the drop-down menu;
- fill the 'Host' field with the name of your sub-domain;
- paste the destination address into the corresponding field ('Target', 'IP Address' or 'Destination URL');
- save changes.
It may take up to 30+ minutes for the new settings to be accepted globally.

so, if you want to add your namecheap subdomain for your blogspot site, see this image:

2, + Setup namecheap custom sub-domain URL for your blogger:
this step is more simple, that just enter the namecheap sub-domain which you create in step 1, then click SAVE.

Congratulations! You have set up your namecheap custom sub domain for your blogspot site!