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Student? How to create a ONE-YEAR-FREE .me web blog site with google blogspot and namecheap?

Are you a student now?
Are are interested in writing blogs online and creating your top domain name weblog site?
If your answer is "Yes", then please keep reading, this article will be helpful.

What is blogspot?
******As most people know that google blogspot( is one provider of the most powerful free web blogging platforms.
What is namecheap?
****** is a seller online who sell domains and web-hosting world-widely, Namecheap Education Program plans to provide one-year-free .me domains and email hosting for university students in the US, UK, and Canada.

step by step of How to create your ONE-YEAR-FREE .me web blog site with the help from blogspot and namecheap:
1, go to, register a nice .me domain name you like with your edu email.
if you don not have a edu email, try to contact namecheap's support, and upload your student identity to them.
here to say that hope you will get your .me domain from namecheap successfully, ordinary the time you need to wait is one week.

2, create your blog site from google, which will be very easy. If you already have one blogspot site, just skip this step.

If every step is OK, then congratulations to you for creating ONE-YEAR-FREE .me web blog site in the world of Internet.
I hope you will enjoy writing at your blog site!