The differences of business model among the voice of China, I am a singer and Sing my song.

The voice of china probably is the most welcomed music TV show in China.

I like watching these three nice Chinese music TV shows, how about you?

Can you simply explain the difference among the voice of China, I am a singer and Sing my song? I can!

Firstly, I need define some word.
old singers-the singers who already have some popularity, not means the singers are old.
old songs-the songs are already have some popularity.
new singers-new singers
new songs-new songs

the voice of China: new singers sing old songs-新歌手唱老歌
I am a singer: old singers sing old songs-老歌手唱老歌
Sing my song: new singer sing new songs-新歌手唱新歌

Hmm, am I right? I also think that old singers sing new song is a nice business model for music talent TV shows, maybe it is already used in the way to super star, such as a famous singer sings the new songs created by others on the stage.

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