The Similarities and Differences between The Voice of China, I am a Singer and Sing My Song

Summary before you read: this is an article about the analysis of the similarities and differences between 3 hottest Chinese music reality talent TV shows-The Voice of China, I am a Singer and Sing My Song in year 2014 and 2015.

The 3 most popular and hottest super music talent TV shows in today's China:
Hello, dear friends here, do you like singing and listening to music songs?
According to the popularity and audience rating, now in China, there are 3 very popular music talent TV shows, their names are The Voice of China(中国好声音), I am a Singer(我是歌手) and Sing My Song(中国好歌曲) in recently years.
Do you like watching these 3 amazing TV shows?

The Similarities and Differences between The Voice of China, I am a Singer and Sing My Song:

The Similarities Part:
1, Obviously, all these 3 TV shows are sponsored by Chinese corporations and broadcasted by TV channels from China. The Voice of China is made by Zhejiang TV, I am a Singer is made by Hunan TV and Sing My Song is made by CCTV-3.
2, Of course, all these 3 TV shows are focusing on music songs, they all try their best to make the best music talent TV show brand.
3, The main purposes of these 3 TV shows all are to make money by commercial activities such as ads on TV/Internet, that is for sure that if they only can make little money from their shows, then they will stop these music shows.
4, All these 3 TV shows are very popular with the audiences in many countries(especially in the greater China area of Asia), such as the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan of China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia..., and even the Chinese audiences living or working in United States, Canada or other countries.
5, At the end of these 3 music shows, the audiences do have the chance of giving their votes to the contestant singer they support.
6, No matter The Voice of China, I am a Singer or Sing My Song, all of them are weekly updated-one episode with one week.

The Differences Part:
1, Where the contestant singer are from-International or Domestic, both The Voice of China and I am a singer accept international singers such as Singapore and Malaysia, while Sing My Song perhaps only accepts competitors from China.
2, Coaches/judges or not, there are musician coaches/judges both in The Voice of China and Sing My Song, while I am a Singer do not have coaches.
3, The contestant singers. In The Voice of China and Sing My Song, the contestant singers are ordinary composers or singer before they come to the stages, while in the stage of I am a Singer, the singers all already are famous singer star.
4, Blind auditions or not. Blind auditions means that the judges only listen to the songs before they see the singers' appearances, both The Voice of China and Sing My Song have blind auditions, while I am a singer does not have.

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