Recommended VPN services: was shut down

Today when I want to login my bubblews account, it shows:


After being up and running for almost 3 years now we regrettably need to inform you that we will be shutting down. The climate for display advertising has drastically changed and made it impossible for us to sustain the business model and operations.

We want to thank everyone that was a part of this journey. We wish you all the very best.


I have earned some extra dollars by writing articles at bubblews years ago, and there are many people said bubblew com could not last long at that time, now it becomes true.

whatever, to bubblews com.

Here is one short analysis I wrote befor bubblews' going down about why will be shut down:
The reasons why Bubblews will be shut down in the coming future:
I always insist that there will be one day Bubblews should and will shut down, sooner or later. Here is why:
1, Because Bubblews shares too high revenue with the users that actually Bubblews itself can not afford, the revenue is too high that it is a little unbelievable, what to say, maybe Bubblews is cheating you and us.
2, At the same time, people who write at Bubblews are firstly for the money, secondly for sharing useful and helpful article. Many people at Bubblews are busy in writing, connecting, liking articles, just want to make more money, only a few people are writing articles with high quality, which is the reason directly leads to the close down of Bubblews.
3, Bubblews is not as good as they said to people, the time of redemption money to your Paypal account is becoming longer and longer, from 3 days to one week, from one week to one month, from one months to three months, who knows, maybe next time you need one year or more time to wait for your Bubblews redemption money to your Paypal.