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Russian warplane, Turkey missile, Syria territory, ISIS and petrol business

Turkey shot down Russian warplane
When reading international news with my phone, I am VERY astonished to read this news that Turkey government military shot down one of the 2 Russian warplanes SU-35, these 2 Russian warplanes were on the way to air base after they carried out a task aimed at ISIS.
I guess most people will also be astonished, turkey must be crazy!

The Russian warplane was shot down in Syria territory where was controlled by anti-Syrian and pro-Turkish Turkmenistan armed militants.
Both the two pilot parachuted from the destroyed warplane, but were supposed to be shot by pro-Turkish militants.

Turkey president Erdoğan said it is needed because the Russian warplanes were violating Turkish airspace as as 17 secs.
Then, Turkey gov summoned the 5 permanent member state (of UN Security Council): USA, China, UK, France and RUSSIA.

Russia president Putin said this is "stab in back".
The USA said USA is not involved in this incident.
The Europe, UK and France called both sides to be calm down.

ISIS(Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) is a terrorist organization, it is ISIS who killed French in Paris and Chinese in Mali. Syria gov said ISIS sold petrol to Turkey at a lower price.

Maybe Turkey gov military mistaken Russian warplanes as Syria government's.

But it is sure that Turkey must be mad, Russia is striking ISIS terrorists, Putin will let Turkey what is price.
Turkey is silly.

Russia is doing something...
The Turkey vehicles destroyed by air strikes of Russian military

The Russian S-400 air defense missile has been deployed in Syria