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The 6 kinds of people who don't replace a new cell phone after using their phones more than 3 years

recently, I read one interesting Chinese article online, I really want to share this to most people, so translate it from Chinese to English.

the question is that who will do not replace a new cell phone after using his phone 3 years.

1 the ones who use nokia phones. nokia phone is the "best" phone of the world.

2 the ones who use iphone4 or iphone4s. Steve Jobs will be very proud of iphone4/4s.

3 the ones who only use cell phone to send messages and give calls. these phones are are designed simple, "if you dont use it, it is just something like a brick".

4 the ones who only love the brand. different people have different preferences when they are choosing their phones, some only use apple iPhone, some only use Samsung, some only use blackberry...
if you ask them why, the answer will be that "there are no reasons, we are just fans"

5 the dawdlers. the dawdlers are so lazy that they dont even want to buy a new cell phone on the web store.

6 the poor people who are short of funds. not because they dont want to buy a new smart phone, but that they do not have too many funds after paying foods, rents and cloths. careful to talk about this topic with them, they will be not happy, even angry...