what are the awards for the final winners of the voice series?

As we all know, generally speaking, there are awards for the final winners of all games, so are the voice series.

what are the awards for the voice series?
1 The award is not a car, it is just a golden/silver trophy, of course, everyone knows this;)
2 the enjoys, the final winners are surely will show big smiles on their faces.
3 the fame, most Chinese will know their names, many many many people will become their big fans.
4 speaking of the money if they want, if the final winners want to make a big money, they could get it more easily than what they couldn't before they are not the final winners, which is the powers of fame. now as the final winners, many record companies and advertisers will run to contact with them.

What i want to say is that:
1 The voice series is really a very good and very successful business mode, it drives more and.more attentions from the audience all over the world, it attracts more and more global and domestic advertisers.
2 The voice series is really a good TV show to watch if you love music.
3 I really love to watch the voice (of China) series.)

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