2015 December latest 0.99 dollar .com Godaddy domain discount code

note: if you do not know Chinese, try to translate it with the help from google translate.

Introduction: this post will show you the ways to buy top .com domain name from Godaddy with a very cheap price---0.99 dollar a .com domain.
Godaddy is a publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company.

1, register one ebates China account from www.ebates.cn, it will give you 5 dollars bonus after your registration.

2, search "godaddy" in the search bar, then find the 0.99 dollar link.

3, input the .com domain name you want to register, you will buy the .com with only 0.99+$0.18(ICANN Fees*)=1.17 dollars, total savings 14.00 dollars.
*note: Only support payment with credit card!


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