The hottest events people are concerned on---Year in Google Search 2015

In year 2015, by Googling in the search box, hundreds of millions people are searching the events they are interested in. In these countless inquiries, which event are people all over the world interested in?

Today, Google released the annual hot searches by Google-"Google Year in Search 2015", recorded a global events in the search box.
In these hot words, "Charlie week attack" and "attacks in Paris" are the inquiries searched by most people, the total number of them is 900 million, a double of "Oscar prize" which is followed.

Google Year in Search 2015

Google hot search list of the world events:
Syrian Refugee Crisis (叙利亚难民危机)
First two female soldiers graduate Army Rangers School(2名女兵首次从陆军游骑兵学校毕业)
Special Olympics World Games(世界特殊奥林匹克运动会)
Confederate Flag Removed from SC Statehouse(南卡罗来纳州撤下邦联旗)
Cecil the Lion(塞西尔狮)
Mad Men series finale(《广告狂人》系列大结局)
Letterman’s final show(大卫·莱特曼的告别秀)
Stuart Scott @ the ESPYs(斯图尔特·斯科特在年度体育最佳奖)
Black Lives Matter(黑人的生活很重要)
FIFA Women’s World Cup(FIFA女子足球世界杯赛)
Water on Mars(火星上有水了)
Cuban Embargo lift (古巴禁运取消)
Marriage equality(婚姻平权)
Isabella’s 3-D printed arm(伊莎贝拉的3D打印胳膊)
“The Dress”(那条裙子是蓝黑还是白金相间)
Star Wars: “The Force Awakens”(星球大战:原力觉醒)
Pope Francis’ visit to the US(教皇方济各访问美国)
Je Suis Charlie (我是查理)
Kenyan vigil (肯尼亚守夜)
Beirut vigil (贝鲁特守夜)
Paris vigil in London (伦敦的巴黎守夜)
Caitlyn Jenner @ the ESPYs (凯特琳·詹纳)
Rugby World Cup(橄榄球世界杯赛)
Nae Nae
Aid for Nepal (援助尼泊尔)
Holly Holm (霍莉·霍尔姆)
Shia LaBeouf (希安·拉博夫)
The Warriors, NBA Champions. (金州勇士,NBA冠军)
Drake, Hotline Bling
Epic dance moves(史诗般的舞步)
Miss Universe Japan (日本环球小姐)

2015 Google global hot search list---the hottest search:
Lamar Odom (Lamar Joseph Odom)
Charlie Hebdo (Charlie Hebdo) (phagocytosis, large-scale online multiplayer games)
Jurassic World (Jurassic World)
Paris (Paris fear violent events)
Furious 7 (Furious 7)
Fallout 4 (radiation 4)
Ronda Rousey (female fighter Ronda - Rossi)
Caitlyn Jenner (denaturation actress boarded the cover of Vanity Fair)
American Sniper (American Sniper)

2015 Google global hot search list---consumption technology:
iPhone 6s
Samsung Galaxy S6
Apple Watch
iPad Pro
Samsung Galaxy Note 5
Samsung Galaxy J5
HTC One M9
Nexus 6P
Surface Pro 4

2015 Google global hot search list---people:
Lamar Odom
Ronda Rousey
Caitlyn Jenner
Charlie Sheen
Ruby Rose
Donald Trump
Dakota Johnson
Jeremy Clarkson

2015 Google global hot search-film:
Jurassic World
Furious 7
American Sniper
Fifty Shade of Grey
Straight Outta Compton
Mad Max
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

2015 Google global hot search list-TV show:
Big Brother Brazil
Jessica Jones
Bigg Boss
Fear the Walking Dead
Better Call Saul
Game of Thrones
One Punch Man
Verdades Secretas
Scream Queens

2015 Google global hot search list-news:
Charlie Hebdo
Hurricane Patricia
El Chapo
Baltimore Riots
San Bernardino
Hurricane Joaquin

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