Update my iPhone 4s to ios 9.2 beta

Now I am updating my iphone 4s to ios 9.2 beta, I hope it will be successful...
Anyway, my iphone 4s told me that I can update its system to ios 9.2 beta, so I choose to trust Apple, I hope it is not a wrong choice...

To my iphone 4s, are the following about ios 9.2 beta are true that:
the speed will be faster
the performance will be more stable
the storage of ios system will be much less than before

let us just wait and hope.)
because NOW my iphone 4s is on its way of updating to system ios 9.2 beta;)

Is your iphone 4s still okey after updated to ios 9.2?
******The answer is my phone is ok.)
a, Nothing is lost,
b, some apple apps were added, such as FIND YOUR IPHONE
c, it seems that the speed is a little slower than before.
d, And by the way,ios 9.2 beta really does not take up too many storage of your iPhone 4s, with the help of APP THINNING, almost each app's storage is less then before.

How long does it need for my updating my iphone 4s to system ios 9.2 beta?
******The time you need will be about 30 minutes when your iphone 4s connects wifi.)

What will be happen after I update my iphone 4s to ios9.2 beta?
******After I updated my iphone 4s to ios9.2 beta, my phone said that my update is already successful, then do something about maps-create or still use my icloud account-then wait some minutes-agree some terms-merge icloud with contacts or not-configure my icloud key string-configure my phone number to receive sms message from my icloud-welcome to use ios 9.2 beta on your iphone 4s ;)

What will be the next step?
******I will download "App Thinning". I do not have the need to download APP THINNING, app thinning is one technology of Apple ios 9, it can help you to reduce the storage of every app on your iPhone. So with app thinning, you shall be not worried about the storage of your 4s.

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