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The Voice of China 2016, Season 5. The top singers and the final champion winner---who?

Zhang Bi-chen is the final winner of the voice of china 2015, season 4.
I love watching the music show of the voice of china, and I am looking forward to the voice of china season 5 in year 2016.

Why so many singers are eagerly to be got involved in singing on the stage of the voice (of china) series?

who will be the final champion winner of the voice of china 2016?
who do you love best

what are the awards for the voice series?

Do you love singing Chinese songs? Then you'd better to find some nice music TV shows, in China, the Voice of China and I am a Singer must be your satisfied choices, here in this post, let us have a talk about The Voice of China.
Firstly, what is the Voice of China?
The Voice of China is the number 1 famous Chinese music TV show, which is based on the business mode of the voice series(the first one is the Dutch program "The Voice of Holland").

This model's format is very special because they conduct blind auditions. All four coaches listen to the songs in chairs facing opposite the stage during the beginning. This way, they judge the singers only from their voices and not their appearances.
The simple explanation about the model of the voice of China is that new singers who are not popular sing old songs which are popularly known by people.

The Voice of China series are Very popular and welcomed by the audiences in the Chinese culture, such as in China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam..., even in Europe, USA and Canada. That is to say that the audiences of the voice of china are almost from every corner of the world, no doubt that the Voice of China is going global.

Reasons to Expect a New Season of The Voice of China in 2016:

Reason 1: Millions of people all over the world are paying close attention to this musical feast for the eyes and ears, not just in the mainland of China, but also in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, the United States, and Canada.

Reason 2: The makers of The Voice of China have made millions from advertisements, so they are unlikely to stop this great opportunity to go on making more money. The Voice of China has made more than two hundred million RenMinBi (RMB, which is Chinese currency) from every season. One 15 second ad is worth up to 500 thousand RMB. *note: 1 dollar is around 6 RMB.

Reason 3: The Voice of China has become a successful business model with a fresh take: the blind audition. With this successful business model, The Voice of China should continue for many seasons.

When will the Voice of China Season 5 in year 2016 begin to play on TV?
According to the news, the voice of china season 5 will begin to be broadcast on every Friday night since July 17, 2016.

Where to watch the Voice of China season 5 on the Internet?
a, you can watch the full episodes of the voice of china 2016 on Internet, such as: (a videos platform by Tencent-which is one of China's largest and most used Internet service portals,qq video is a online partnership with the voice of china team.)
b, or, you can watch the voice of china 2016 at YouTube by searching "the voice of china season 5+2016".

Who are the coaches of Season 5?
It is said that Jay Zhou Jie-lun and Na Ying will still stay as the coaches in year 2016.

All the previous final champion winners of the Voice of China series:
Season 1, 2012, liang-bo, rock country music is his style;
Season 2, 2013, li-qi;
Season 3, zhang bi-chen, beautiful girl; by the way, zhang bichen is the best one of all the winners I think.)
Season 4, zhang lei.
Season 5---let us just stay calmly and wait patiently...
What need to say is that Na Ying attended every season, and 3/4 of the final winners are from her team!

Again, my friends, if you like singing or listening to Chinese songs, then I am sure you will love the TV shows of The Voice of China series.

Wow, what a show! Who is the talent contestant singer you prefer most? Did I miss a singer you love, and are you planning to tell the world about it? Share it all in the comments!
Again, my friends, if you like singing or listening to Chinese songs, then I am sure you will love these popular talent TV shows of The Voice of China series.

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