update: now I take blogspot as my main blog webhost.

life is a series of feelings and sometimes some thoughts about these feelings.
life is memory.


new words I am learning

- 1st Google result for "gmail yahoo hotmail"

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The following is the "about" page when hongdouzi.me was webhosted at 000webhost and created with wordpress.
This is hongdouzi’s about page, I create this website in March, year 2015. Yes, this is a new personal web blog which comes to the Internet world in the new spring.

About this website: I got hongdouzi.me from the education pack plan of Github, and hosted it on one USA web hosting, also, I should say thanks to WordPress! Yes, I create this website without dollars, but please do not ask me how, thanks.

About me: The first thing I want to share with you about me is that I like music, such as singing and listening songs, if you are living in the Chinese culture circle, you probably know some nice Chinese music talent TV shows, such as The Voice of China, I am a Singer…, I do like them.

I use Gmail as my main email account, because gmail probably is the best free email service according to one online-poll I created.

You may have noticed that I write articles at Hubpages(this is my account link), yes, I write and share something I know and I like at Hubpages. At the same time, I earn some revenues from it.


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